Connection Type: Network
Connection Name: GRREC Technology Resource Teachers
Coordinator: Terri Stice

Networking Group Memebership

  • Allen County - Trevor Carver
  • Barren County - Melissa Moss, Jeanelle McGuire, Melinda Owens, and Valerie Stokes
  • Bowling Green Independent - Allen Martin and Robert Paugh
  • Campbellsville Independent - Terry Brewer
  • Clinton County - Lonnie Brown, Julie Daniels, and Doug Spears
  • Cumberland County - Ginger Garmon
  • Daviess County - Catherine Shelton 
  • Hardin County - Paula Hildabrand, Michelle Hale, and Shelee Clark
  • Hart County - Elaine Barrett, Alicia Estes, Carri Goodman, Jan Isaacs, and Lisa Willian
  • Meade County - Amy Berry
  • Metcalfe County - John Strode and Anita Love
  • Monroe County - Veronica Reecer
  • Ohio County - Chris Westerfield
  • Owensboro Independent - Matthew Constant and Paula Roberts
  • Simpson County - Pam Rowland
  • Warren County - Katie McAfee and Brenda Bitner
  • Western Kentucky University - Marge Maxwell


The Green River Regional Educational Cooperative TRT Networking group meets the 4th Monday of each month.  The meetings begin at 9:00 (central time) and usually wrap up around noon. 

Discovery Education Day with Matt Monjan (November 2, 2012)

Presentation by Matt Monjan

2011-2012 - Instructional Technology Professional Development Opportunities

Internet Safety Resources 

 Internet Safety Presentation by John Strode, Metcalfe County Schools

Media Clips

A Very Powerful Ad

Anti-Bullying Ad

AT & T Don't Text Whilte Driving Documentary

Claire Thought She Knew

One Father's Mission to End Bullying

Dangers of Sexting

Facebook an Unchecked Threat

Matt Thought He Knew

Megan's Story

Once Posted You Loose It

Ryan Halligan Story

Ryan Halligan Story Frontline

Sexting PSA

Smartphone Pictures Pose Risks

Special Report Things Not to Post on Facebook

Think Before You Post


Digital Citizenship Narrated Presentation


Preventing Cyberbullying: A Guide to Safe and Responsible Internet Use in the Digital Age
Download the white paper


The digital age has brought many advances that have connected us globally like never before. Among the many advantages to educators are the expansive resources now available that can enrich the learning environment, engage and motivate students, and offer more convenient modes of communication such as social media sites. However, social media sites also have an ominous side in the form of cyberbullying—an old problem wrapped in new technology.

According to recent data compiled by the website, Internet Safety 101, 43% of teens aged 13 to 17 say they have experienced some sort of cyberbullying in the past year. Read an in-depth examination into the darker side of student online behavior and explore efforts being made to counter it.

Discover what you need to know about cyberbullying including:

  • The different types of cyberbullying
  • How cyberbullying can cause lasting damage and can result in lawsuits for schools
  • What states are passing laws to address cyberbullying and what those laws entail
  • Four steps schools can take to combat cyberbullying
  • Why blocking social media is not the answer

Download and explore the different measures you can take to protect your students from cyberbullying.

T.H.E. Journal and Edgewave



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