Grant Overview

Name of Grant

Creating College and Career Readiness

Acronym For Grant


Amount of Funding


Length of Funding

5 Years

Beginning and End Dates

January 2012 - December 2016

Source of Funding

U.S. Department of Education

Districts Served

14 Districts in Green River Regional Educational Cooperative

18 Districts in Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative

Numbers of schools served

33 Middle and High Schools in GRREC

77 Middle and High Schools in KVEC

Number of students served


Number of teachers participating (if applicable)

Grade Levels served

8th - 12th

Project Personnel

Mike Hughes, Director

Andrea Curtis, Coordinator

Project Evaluator

Rand Corporation

Contact Information

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C3R - Major Grant Components

Major Grant Components
  • WIN Learning Courseware including Career Readinness Courseware, SoftSkills Series, Strategic Compass and myStrategic Compass
  • Increase Graduation Rates
  • Increase Academic Achievement
  • Increase Percentage of Students who are College and Career Ready
  • Increase in 2 Year and 4 Year College Enrollment

C3R - Products of Work

Lesson Plans

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Recommended Readings

Instructional Core Files

Lesson Plan Resources

Pedagogical Resources

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- Major Sources of Research

Harvard College of Education (2011). Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the challenge of preparing young Americans for the 21st century, Boston, MA Harvard Pathways Project ACT (2006) Reading between the lines: What the ACT reveals about college readiness in reading. Iowa City, IA

- Additional Resources